Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reaching our Dreams

Posted by Alei at 7/03/2008
Yesterday, I had the chance to watch the movie, Kung Fu Panda but not with the big screen instead, at the small-yet-enough-to-be-seen-and-heard screen of the psp. My sister claims it is a movie only for children and paid no interest. Bored and got no idea on what to do, I decided to watch it.
The movie taught of one significant lesson, “Believe in yourself.” Our aspirations start on us. We try to picture out what we want and who to become in our future. Some may say they would want to be a doctor and pursue it. Some would say they would want a stable business and work hard for it. Like Po, we have our own dreams, small and big, short term or long term, it won’t matter. What matters is us. The very foundation of reaching our deepest dreams is our belief on ourselves. We are subjected to a lot of possibilities. Anything is possible provided that we are armed with motivation, relentless hard work and belief to conquer the things we once dreamed about. Envy people might mislead us to nowhere. Struggles might weaken us, but they are inevitable part of our lives. What we have to do is to stand up tall, chin up and walk with courage against the passing difficulties ahead. We should never get tired of believing. Our dreams will stop the moment westop believing in our abilities. The more we say we can’t do it, the more we can’t. After all, after the rain, there is always a rainbow to look forward to, worth the long wait and inscrutable pain. Fellow bloggers, there is no cost on dreaming. Together, let us make our dreams into a reality.

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